Russ and I met at the now-closed Underground Bar in Portland 16 years ago – Saturday, Jan. 28, 1996 to be exact. At the time, Russ was living in Portland and I lived in Camden, but the long drive between towns didn’t keep us from getting to know one another. It wasn’t long before Russ moved to Camden to live with me.


In January of 1997 we moved to San Francisco and have lived in California ever since. Nearly all of Russ’ family lives in Maine – he is a native of Auburn – and we visit at least once of year. Maine will always be a big part of us.


Russ and I are registered domestic partners in California but we are not married. We’d like to be married but we’re stubborn (aka New England natives), we want to wait until same-sex couples have the freedom to marry nationwide. This is a human rights issue. We love each other dearly and would like all of the protections and recognition every married couples receives today.